STR a great help to us citizen of Malaysia

Along with the growing maintenance costs, many people are worried about placing food on the table.


Especially for people from category B40, Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (p.) Help a lot in a monthly food account and foodstuffs.

Among the recipients of help was a 67-year-old pensioner, Hew Soo Kiew, who came early to Bank Simpanan Nasyal (BSN) Kajang on Wednesday.

Hew said that the RM100 cash assistance for seniors will provide him with additional funds for the purchase of food and food.

“Because the prices are high, I assigned financial help for food and food. With this amount, I estimate that I can get weekly groceries, “he said.

A resident of Kampung Bar Sungai Chua added that any form of monetary assistance from the government was invited to a pensioner like him.

“At the moment it’s only me and my wife, so we don’t need much, but of course any help is welcome, because we both don’t work anymore.

“This is a good payment for older citizens and I thank the government for providing this help for older people like me,” he said.

Like Hew, 63 -year -old Mohd Hamidi Ahmad, a pensioner from Taman Mesra, Kajang, received cash assistance RM200 PO for his family.

A six -person father said that it was helpful and allowed him to buy the necessary items for his household.

“Although this is only RM200, it still helps me, because help is better than nothing. You can buy quite a lot of items for RM200.

“Together with the upcoming Hari Raya, I focus more on Christmas objects. Not clothes, but above all preparations for the acceptance of my visitors to family members during the Raya Open House, “he said.

Mohd Hamidi from Taman Mesra also said that the Payment process was easy and liquid, although he received priority access as a senior.

“For seniors, when you find yourself in the bank, you will immediately receive access to buying cash without the need for a queue, unless there are many people,” he said.

He also said that it was good that the government gave cash assistance to help people who were financially burdened.

“I hope that the government will consider assigning cash help for a monthly encouragement, if possible, because every a bit of help goes to us,” he said.

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